01. what is the process for booking a wedding with you?

It’s super simple, actually! Once you and I have chatted a bit and decided on the right coverage amount for your day, I will email over a proposal. If everything checks out, you can sign the attached contract electronically from your phone or computer and pay the retainer through the same link. A signed contract and $1000 retainer is all that I require to book! The remaining balance will not be due until 30 days before your wedding. That’s it!

A few days after you sign your contract and pay your deposit, I’ll email you a copy of my planning guide so make sure to keep an eye out for that! 

02. once booked, is there anything else i need to worry about?

There is so much that goes into wedding planning and while yes, you’ll still have a ton of decisions to make, your work with me will be complete until the month before your wedding (unless you booked an engagement session). About 4 weeks before your wedding day I will email you a questionnaire asking you for some basic information such as “where will you be getting ready? how many people will be in your wedding party? what kind of traditions will take place at your reception?” etc. I like to go into your wedding with as much knowledge as possible so I don’t miss anything important. Once I have your completed questionnaire, I will put together a suggested timeline for the day to keep us all on track for photos. If you have a wedding planner already putting together a timeline, I am more than happy to communicate with them to make sure we have ample time for photos and ideal lighting. About three weeks before your wedding I will email you your final invoice showing any payments that you have made as well as your remaining balance. 

03. how long does it take for you to edit a wedding?

I typically have a wedding delivered within 4-6 weeks but during peak seasons it can take as long as 8 weeks. If you're dying to see your photos, I do offer a sneak peek add on for a small price (visit my investment page to learn more). I know the wait seems long, but I spend that time editing your gallery to perfection. Trust me, it’s worth the wait!

If you just can’t wait that long for your photos, I do offer expedited editing for $1000. If you choose this option, you’ll have your photos within 7 days of your wedding!

04. Do you have back up gear? insurance?

Yes and yes! I always bring two camera bodies to every wedding, even though I shoot most of the day with just one. I also always have 3-4 lenses with me. I bring plenty of memory cards and even shoot with 2 cards in my camera so that in case one fails I have a backup!

I have business insurance and am happy to share a copy of my binder with you or your venue! 

05. what happens if it rains on my wedding day?

It happens. It happens a lot in Louisiana. And you know what? In true Nola fashion, we roll with it. I’m not opposed to standing in the rain to take photos so that you guys can stand under an awning and still get gorgeous photos. I realized a long time ago that you can’t control the weather so there’s no point in stressing over it. The only thing you can do is be prepared, which I promise to be! 

06. how many photos will come in my gallery?

My portrait sessions typically yield 60-100 images. Weddings can be anywhere from 500-1500 images, depending on the length and busyness of your day.

07. what should i wear for my engagement photos?

Great question! My advice is always to practice balance. Have a good balance of patterns to solids, colors to neutrals, etc. Most importantly, make sure whatever you wear makes you feel confident. Whether that’s jeans and a t-shirt or a dress with heels, you look best when you are confident and comfortable.

08. what should i expect of my engagement session?

Come as you are! I am down for any and all of your crazy ideas. Or, if you need a little guidance, I’m more than happy to suggest some of my favorite locations. One of my favorite ways to shoot portraits is to simply pick a nice starting location. We’ll meet at that location, shoot a bit, and then start to wander around. And that’s how the rest of your session will go. It’ll feel less like a stale, stiff portrait session and more like a fun stroll with a friend! We’ll chat and laugh and when inspiration hits, we’ll stop walking and shoot a bit. Then we’ll continue on!

I’m Ali, a wedding and portrait photographer in
New Orleans, LA.